17-18 Abril Buried Lieutenant Moreno

17-18 April
Robert Merriman’s diary for the 17th and 18th of April 1938
Soldier posing in trench with instruction board to his right. PHOTO ALBA 177_178009, Tamiment Library, NYU
177_178009 Blowup
Blowup of 177_178009 showing aircraft profiles and insignia. These appear to be German single wing aircraft.

Merriman says that the OTS took advantage of his contacts made with the Soviet pilots to get training from José who is likely General Ivan Ivanovich Kopats¹ — mistake in the transcription suggestion).  On the photo on the left, it appears that this is Arthur Nicoll of the British (ID not confirmed at this point) but what is interesting is the board that appears to his right.   Shown on the right here is what is on the board.   It is a lecture board on aviation.  How to identify planes, insignia, etc.  Probably similar to the lecture heard on April 17, 1937.

Merriman conducted instruction in the French Manual of Arms for a funeral held for a Lieutenant Moreno.   Little is written about this soldier but he had an honor guard at his funeral in Albacete.  Merriman spent time in the afternoon trying to clear off his hotel bill but could not get a reduction in rate.  In the evening he went out with the men and it appears that a “Black” or perhaps “Bloch” got drunk as did Wallace Burton.

On the 18th, the topic of the day was instruction in map enlarging and reading.  Merriman is still waiting for an office at Pozo Rubio and  he took out a squad of troops to oppose the French troops who were under instruction by Platone.


¹ See http://jpgleize.perso.neuf.fr/aces/espurs.htm

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